Preconference Workshops (28.09.2023)

Forenoon Session Preconference Workshop Resource Person
Teaching and Assessing in
Skill Station in line with
CBME Curriculum
Dr. Lulu Sherif
Conflict Management in
Workplace Setting
Dr. Rema Devi
Dr. Mary Kurien
Dr. Peter Prashanth

Dr. Magi Murugan
Dr .Sanjeev Slater
Dr .Sriambigai
Dr.Dinesh Kumar

Digital Tools For Engaging
The 21st Century Learners
Dr. Devi Prasad Mohapatra
Dr. Sitanshu Sekhar Kar
Mixed Methods Research in
Dr. Amol Dongre
Afternoon Session Pedagogical Approaches In ‘Simulation Based Clinical Skill Training’ Dr. Dinker Pai
Scientific Writing (Reflective and creative writing) Dr. Sivaraman G.
Strategies for implementing ‘CBME Curriculum’ Dr PF Kotur
Dr. Mahalakshmi VN
Strategies for implementing the Revised ‘Nursing Curriculum’ Dr. Laxmi Ramamoorthy